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Table 1 Some Properties of Proteins Investigated as Biomarkers for mTBI

From: Blood biomarkers for mild traumatic brain injury: a selective review of unresolved issues

Biomarker MW† Residues† Role Localization Cell
S100B 10.7 92 regulatory cytoplasm astrocyte
UCH-L1 24.8 223 enzymatic cytoplasm neuron
tau isoform A§ 32.9 316 structural axon neuron
tau isoform F§ 45.8 441 structural axon neuron
GFAP 49.9 543 structural cytoplasm astrocyte
NF-L 61.5 304 structural axon neuron
  1. §Human CNS tau has 6 isoforms A-F [23].
  2. Molecular weight (MW) in kDa, Residues is the number of amino acids [36]