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Table 2 Interactions between CAFs and TILs in the TME of liver cancer

From: Advances of cancer-associated fibroblasts in liver cancer

  Immune cells CAFs-secreted factors Mechanisms Phenotype Reference
HCC-CAFs TAMs CXCL12; CXCL12/CXCR4–PAI-1; M2 polarization of TAMs; [74];
GAS6 Endosialin-CD68 macrophage recruitment and polarization [77]
TANs SDF1a; IL6/STAT3-PDL1; Chemotaxis of TAN; [79];
CLCF1 CLCF1 − CXCL6/TGF-β TAN infiltration and polarization [61]
NK cells PGE2, IDO - Inducing deactivation of NK cells [81]
DCs SDF-1α IL-6/STAT3-IDO Induction into rDC / promotion of Tregs expansion [83]
MDSCs SDF1a; IL-6/STAT3; Inducing monocytes to differentiate into MDSCs / Impairing T cells function [86];
M-CSF, MCP-1; -; [87];
COX-2; PGE2 ERK/COX2/PGE2 [88]
CCA-CAFs MDSCs CCL2; FAP-STAT3-CCL2; Recruitment of MDSC; [89];
IL-6, IL-33 5-LO/LTB4-BLT2 Enhancing the stemness capacity of MDSCs [90]
TANs CXCL5 PI3K-AKT and ERK1/2 Recruitment of CD66b + TANs [91, 92]
Tregs - - CAV1 + CAFs positively correlated with Foxp3 + TIL [93]