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Table 2 Yap-associated proteins involved in LCSC related mechanisms

From: The role of YAP1 in liver cancer stem cells: proven and potential mechanisms

Proteins Mechanism
LATS1/2 MOBs Phosphorylating YAP1
14–3-3 protein Leading to cytosolic sequestration of YAP1
TEAD Interacting with YAP1 and activating downstream gene expression
β-Trcp Mediating ubiquitination and degradation of YAP1
SMAD P-YAP1/SMAD interaction inhibiting SMAD3 phosphoactivation
OGT Mediating O-GlcNAcylation of YAP1
ARID1A/SWI/SNF Binding to YAP1 and inhibiting its interaction with TEAD
β-catenin Forming β-catenin destruction complex with YAP1