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Fig. 2

From: Philadelphia chromosome positive AML arising from JAK2-positive myelofibrosis

Fig. 2

Chromosome analysis for detection of Philadelphia chromosome t(9; 22) in the patient. G-banding of diagnostic sample revealed a t(9;22)(q34;q11) (a) resulting in fusion of BCR and ABL verified by double fusion FISH from Vysis (b) and multiples RT-PCR (c). The multiplex (1 + 2) showed a 796 bp internal control (BCR) and 1051 bp BCR-ABL1 product generated by primer-combination BCR exon 1 and ABL1 exon 3 (2). The size gave suspicion of an e6a2 fusion verified by sanger sequencing using primer combination 2 (reverse sequence). (Picture: Randi Hovland, Haukeland University Hospital)

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