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Fig. 1

From: Heterogeneous expression of EPCAM in human circulating tumour cells from patient-derived xenografts

Fig. 1

Representative results from RT- PCR assays for human EPCAM detection in PDX blood. a RT-PCR assays confirming PCR specificity on human gene were performed on pooled RNAs from human cell lines: ZR-75-1, MCF-7, MDA-MB-231 breast cancer, and MDA-MB-435 melanoma cells (H), and on RNA from Sv/129 mouse PBMC (M). Each primer set was tested at least in two independent assays. The expected size fragments are indicated. Molecular weight marker: 100 bp DNA Ladder (NE Biolabs). b The specificity of the nested-PCR assays was assessed on blood RNA from the naïve mouse used to generate the PDX models (naïve mouse) and on the pooled human cell lines RNA (H), used as negative and positive controls respectively. Each assay was performed at least twice. The expected size fragment is indicated. Molecular weight marker: 100 bp DNA Ladder (NE Biolabs)

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