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Fig. 9

From: Overexpression and cytoplasmic localization of caspase-6 is associated with lamin A degradation in set of ovarian cancers

Fig. 9

Immunohistochemistry with cleaved caspase-6 and lamin A antibody in human ovarian surface epithelial tissue (a, b), fallopian tube (c, d), epithelial inclusion cyst (e, f) and ovarian high grade serous carcinoma (g, h). No cleaved caspase-6 expression was observed in human ovarian surface epithelial and fallopian tube cells (a, c) in contrast lamin A expression was observed (b, d). Human epithelial inclusion cyst did not express cleaved caspase-6 but still expression lamin A (e, f). Human high grade serous carcinoma showed overexpression of cleaved caspase-6 in the cytoplasm (g) while the expression of lamin A is lost in the majority of cells (h) as indicated by red arrows. Seemingly normal epithelial cells with no cleaved caspase-6 expression still expressing lamin A as indicated by green arrows

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