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Fig. 4

From: Overexpression and cytoplasmic localization of caspase-6 is associated with lamin A degradation in set of ovarian cancers

Fig. 4

Histogram representing activated caspase-6 in primary human surface epithelial cells (HOSE) and in a set of cancer cell lines. The detection of caspase-6 activity was achieved using an APO LOGIX Carboxyfluorescein Caspase-6 Detection Kit. FAM-VEID-FM. Cell population with green fluorescence indicated cell entry of FAM-VEID-FMK covalently bound to active caspase-6 on cysteine residue among 10000 cells (events). Background fluorescence is indicated in blue histograms while activated caspase-6 is indicated by green histograms. Caspase-6 substrate measured by flow cytometry in HOSE cells control 1 (HOSE1), HOSE cells control 2 (HOSE2), OVCAR3, A2748 and A2780 are respectively 4.6%, 3.4%, 36.6%, 15.5% and 30.2%

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