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Table 4 Most significant gene regions identified from SKAT-O multivariable analysis

From: Associations of single nucleotide polymorphisms with mucinous colorectal cancer: genome-wide common variant and gene-based rare variant analyses

Genomic locationa Geneb Descriptionc Other genes in the gene-based regiond # of SNPs SNPs P-value
Chr4:110349928–110467052 SEC24B protein coding SEC24B-AS1 (partial sequence) 5 rs10516557, kgp21293502, rs10003981, rs17040515, rs17040519 1.81E-05
Chr4:110476361–110614874 CCDC109B protein coding CDC42P4 (pseudogene: partial sequence), HIGD1AP14 (pseudogene; full length), CASP6 (partial sequence) 6 rs17619262, rs7654187, rs6831048, rs17619310, rs9997940, rs1053680 3.29E-05
Chr14:24386456–24408777 LINC00596 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA DHRS4-AS1 (partial sequence) 6 rs8010486, rs1159372, rs10135026, rs8005541, rs8019962, kgp19564619 3.34E-05
Chr4:110263631–110359973 SEC24B-AS1 noncoding RNA; antisense RNA RBMXP4 (pseudogene; full length), SEC24B (partial sequence) 7 rs10031399, rs17040364, rs17040369, rs11098033, rs17040401, rs12648138, rs11098035 4.21E-05
Chr1:207074273–207084738 RP11-564A8.8 pseudogene IL24 (partial sequence), FAIM3 (partial sequence), FCMR (partial sequence) 10 rs3093428, kgp15249933, kgp15191074, rs3093447, kgp22852559, rs3093434, rs3093437, rs3093438, rs3093440, rs41304091 5.47E-05
Chr8:320931–338174 FAM87A non-coding RNA 7 rs4527844, kgp20525414, kgp20198205, rs11785854, rs7461388, rs17064450, rs17064458 6.58E-05
  1. aThese genomic locations describe the region containing the gene as well as 5 kb long sequences before and after the gene. bBased on the information in the UCSC database [62]. cNCBI’s Gene Entrez database [77]. dIn some cases, the gene regions examined also contained sequences of other genes. Chr chromosome