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Table 2 Fatty acids from erythrocyte membranes measured in this work

From: Erythrocyte fatty acid profiles in children are not predictive of autism spectrum disorder status: a case control study

Name Abbreviation C:D Group
Arachidonic acid AA 20:4 n-6
Dihomo- γ-linoleic acid DGLA 20:3 n-6
Docosahexanoic acid DHA 22:6 n-3
Eicosapentaenoic acid EPA 20:5 n-3
Elaidic acid   18:1 n-9 (trans)
Linoleic acid LA 18:2 n-6
Oleic acid   18:1 n-9
Palmitelaidic acid   16:1 n-9 (trans)
Palmitic acid   16:0
Palmitoleic acid   17:1 n-7
Stearic acid   18:0