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Table 1 Nextgen sequencing results

From: Acute myeloid leukemia in a father and son with a germline mutation of ASXL1

Patient Date Source Gene Mutation Allelic burden
Father 9/20/2016 Bone marrow TP53
c.675delT; p.G226 fs
c.2957A > G; p.N986S
10/26/2016 Buccal swab ASXL1 c.2957A > G; p.N986S 49.4%
Son 7/17/2012 Bone marrow (5% blasts) ASXL1 c.2957A > G; p.N986S 50.5%
11/4/2016 Buccal swab ASXL1 c.2957A > G; p.N986S 21.7%
12/09/2016 Peripheral blood (100% donor) Normal   
1/13/2017 Skin biopsy ASXL1 c.2957A > G; p.N986S 41.6%