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Fig. 1

From: Sphingosine kinase 2 supports the development of BCR/ABL-independent acute lymphoblastic leukemia in mice

Fig. 1

MAR mice develop malignancies with B lineage ALL predominating. a Kalpan-Meyer analysis showing the survival of MAR mice. b Mouse culled due to disease other than ALL showing tumors in the liver (white arrows) and an enlarged spleen (black arrow). c Mouse culled due to ALL showing enlarged spleen (black arrow). d Blood film from a mouse with ALL showing circulating lymphoblasts. Image acquired using a slide scanner and size bar represents 100 μm. Lower imaged taken on a Spot camera, original magnification 600×. e Flow cytometric analysis of bone marrow and spleen cells from mice culled due to ALL. Upper panels are from the same mouse. Central panels show the lowest and highest CD11b expression detected. Lower panels show typical expression of maturation markers B220, CD19, CD43 and surface IgM. Quadrants were set based on control stained cells from the same animal. f Section of liver from a mouse culled due to ALL showing both perivascular (thin arrow) and diffuse (thick arrow) infiltration by ALL cells. The degree of infiltration in this animal was typical. Image acquired using slide scanner and size bar indicates 250 μm

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