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Table 1 Characteristic of the evaluated patients with bladder cancer, benign urological diseases and healthy donors

From: Development of a fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassay for urine monomeric laminin-γ2 as a promising diagnostic tool of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

  No. of urine
 Male 169
 Female 68
 Bladder cancer 84
 pT ≤1 44
 pT ≥2 9
 No information 31
Benign diseases
 BPH 26
 Urinary Stone 5
 Hematuria 4
 OAB 3
 Cyst 2
 Others (NB, XGP) 8
 Healthy donors 105
  1. BPH benign prostate hyperplasia, OAB overactive bladder, NB neurogenic bladder, XGP Xanth pyelonephritis