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Fig. 2

From: “UPRegulation” of CD47 by the endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway controls anti-tumor immune responses

Fig. 2

CD47 gene expression is associated with increased resistance to anti-estrogen therapy. a CD47 gene expression in LCC1 (tamoxifen-sensitive) and LCC9 (tamoxifen- resistant) breast cancer cells (n = 4 experiments, p < 0.03). CD47 expression in LCC1 (b) and LCC9 (c) cell lines transfected with control or GRP78 siRNA and treated with 100 nM tamoxifen for 72 h (n = 4 experiments, *p < 0.01). d, e Expression of GRP78 protein in LCC1 and LCC9 measured by Western blot hybridization. f-i Flow cytometry analysis of CD47 expression on the cell surface. j Immunoreactivity of TSP1 in LCC9 tumors harvested from mice treated with saline (control), 400 ppm tamoxifen citrate in chow (TAM), GRP78 anti-sense morpholino (GRP78M), or TAM plus GRP78M (n = 6/group, *p < 0.05)

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