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Figure 1

From: Identification of the source of elevated hepatocyte growth factor levels in multiple myeloma patients

Figure 1

Analysis of HGF gene expression in bone marrow biopsies of healthy individuals and MM patients. (A) Quantification and statistical analysis of HGF mRNA levels in bone marrow core biopsies. HGF mRNA levels in biopsies of healthy individuals (n = 19) and myeloma patients (n = 46) were quantified by real-time PCR. The result of a two-tailed Mann–Whitney test is shown (p < 0.0001). () = mean, (▲) = maximum value, () = minimum value, box = the distribution of the data set, and bars = standard deviation. NBS – Non-myeloma bone marrow biopsies; MMBS – Multiple myeloma bone marrow biopsies. (B) Linear regression analysis of HGF mRNA levels in bone marrow core biopsies aligned to the myeloma cell fraction present in the biopsies. HGF mRNA levels were quantified by real-time PCR and depicted as relative quantities (R.Q.). The proportion of malignant PCs per total cellularity of core biopsy is represented (%).

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