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Table 1 Baseline patient characteristics

From: Multicenter phase II clinical trial of nilotinib for patients with imatinib-resistant or -intolerant chronic myeloid leukemia from the East Japan CML study group evaluation of molecular response and the efficacy and safety of nilotinib

Parameters Value
Median age, y (range) 62 (19–84)
Men/women 27/22
Chronic phase/accelerated phase 45/4
Median duration of CML, months (range) 46.0 (3.6-208.2)
Median duration of imatinib therapy, months (range) 43.4 (3.1-101.9)
Imatinib-resistant/-intolerant 33/16
Prior TKI therapy  
Imatinib/dasatinib/bosutinib 49/4/2
Other prior therapy  
Interferon/hydroxyurea/AraC/BU 9/8/1/1
Cytogenetic response at baseline, Ph +%  
>95/>65-95/>35-65/>0-36/0 14/6/4/2/23
BCR-ABL1 level at baseline, IS%  
>10/>1-10/>0.1-1/ 0.1 18/7/10/14
Additional chromosomal abnormality, n (%) 5 (15.2)
BCR-ABL1 mutations, n (%) 6 (12.2)
  1. CML, chronic myeloid leukemia; mo, months; TKI, tyrosine kinase inhibitor; AraC, cytarabine; BU, busulfan; Ph +%, % of Philadelphia chromosome-positive patients; IS%, international scale %.