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Table 1 JAK inhibitors in clinical trials

From: Dysregulation of JAK-STAT pathway in hematological malignancies and JAK inhibitors for clinical application

Drugs JAK Target Non-JAK Target Trials: status Disease under study
INCB018424 (Ruxolitinib) JAK1 & 2 NR III: Reported PMF, Post ET/PV MF,
III: recruiting PV (intolerant or resistant to HU)
FDA Approved    II: Recruiting PV, ET
[6267]    I/II: Recruiting AML/ALL (Relapse/Refractory)
II: Completed MM (Relapse/Refractory)
II: Recruiting DLBCL/T-Cell Lymphoma
II: Active Advanced Hem Malignancies
SAR302503 JAK2 FLT3 III: Recruiting PMF
(TG101348)   RET II: Recruiting PV, ET
CEP-701 JAK2 FLT3 II: Completed ET, PV
(Lestaurtinib) JAK3 VEGFR2 II: Completed AML (FLT3)
[71, 72]   TRKA III: Recruiting ALL (children)
RET II: Recruiting PMF
CYT387 JAK1,2 PKD3, PRKD1, CDK2, ROCK2, JNK1 II: Recruiting PMF, Post PV/ET MF
[77, 78] Tyk2
SB1518 JAK2 FLT3 II: Completed PMF
[83, 84]    II: Completed Adv Myeloid malignancies
II: Completed Adv Lymphoid malignancies
II: Recruiting MDS
LY2784544 JAK2V617F NA I/II: Recruiting PMF, ET, PV
XL019 JAK2 NA I: Terminated PMF
AZD1480 JAK1-3 FGFR1, FLT4, ARK5, ALK4, Aurora-A I/II: Active PMF, Post ET/PV MF
BMS-911543 JAK2 No information I/II: active PMF
NS018 JAK2 Src Kinases I/II: active PMF, Post ET/PV MF
  1. Ref, references; NR, none reported; HU, hydroxyurea; AML, acute myeloid leukemia; ALL, acute lymphoid leukemia; MM, multiple Myeloma; DLBCL, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.