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Table 1 CAFs subclusters identified in liver cancer

From: Advances of cancer-associated fibroblasts in liver cancer

Sample origins CAFs subclusters Signature genes or characteristics Genes enrichment pathway
HCC [45] CAF_VSMC RGS5, NDUFA4L2, MYH11,CNN1 signatures of smooth muscle vascular cells
CAF_HSC PDGFRB, THY1 signatures of hepatic stellate cells
CAF_Port PDGFRA, MMP23B, COL1A1, PRELP signatures of portal fibroblasts
ICC [46] myCAF COL1A1, ACTA2, COL8A1, COL15A1, CRLF1, FBN2, SERPINF1 ECM pathways;
ICC proliferation;
intraneural invasion
iCAF CCL19 CCL21, IL6, RGS5 inflammatory, growth factor; antigen-presentation genes;
receptor-ligand, growth factor, and cytokine activity pathways
mesCAF ANXA1, ANXA2, CXCL1 CXCL6 mesothelial markers
ICC [47] Subcluster 0 (vCAFs) CD146, MYH11, GJA4, RGS5, IL-6, CCL8 microvessels and inflammatory chemokines signature
Subcluster 1 (mCAFs) COL5A1, COL5A2, COL6A3, POSTN, FN1, LUM, DCN, and VCAN ECM pathways;
collagen fibril organization
Subcluster 2 (iCAFs) FBLN1, IGFI, CXCL1, IGFBP6, SLPI, SAA1, C3, C7 inflammatory response regulation;
complement activation
Subcluster 3 (apCAFs) CD74, HLA-DRA, HLA-DRB1 leukocyte cell–cell adhesion; response to IFN-c;
antigen processing;
antigen presentation via MHC-II
Subcluster 4 (eCAFs) KRT19, KRT8, SAA1 EMT
Subcluster 5 (lipofibroblast) APOA2, FABP1, FABP4, and FRZB lipid metabolism and processing
Liver metastasis [31] myCAF ACTA2, COL1A1, COL1A2, COL1A3, COL15A1, MMP2 ECM pathways
iCAF HGF, BMP10, GDF2, LFITM1 growth factor and inflammatory genes
mesCAF MSLN, UPK1B, UPK3B, GPM6A mesothelial markers