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Table 4 Summary of antibodies targeting SIRPα on myeloid cells

From: Targeting CD47/SIRPα as a therapeutic strategy, where we are and where we are headed

Code Company IgG Indications Monotherapy and Combination Clinical trials NO. Status
OSE-172 (BI 765063) OSE Immuno therapeutics & Boehringer Ingelheim Humanized IgG4 Solid Tumor monotherapy, BI 754091(antiPD1 Abs) NCT03990233 116 participants, Recruiting
Solid Tumor antiPD1 Abs (BI 754091) NCT04653142 18 participants, Active not recruiting
NSCLC, HNSCC, Melanoma Ezabenlimab NCT05068102 22 participants, Recruiting
HNSCC Ezabenlimab+Cetuximab, Chemotherapy/BI754091(antiPD1 Abs)/BI 836880 (antiVEGF) NCT05249426 150 participants, Recruiting
CC-95251 Celgene Human Advanced Solid and Hematologic Cancers monotherapy, Rituximab, Cetuximab NCT03783403 230 participants, Recruiting
AML, MDS Azacitidine NCT05168202 30 participants, Recruiting
FSI-189 Gilead Sciences Humanized inert IgG1 R/R NHL Rituximab NCT04502706 9 participants, Not yet recruiting
HSIRPB Arch Oncology Not disclosed PRECLINICAL NA NA NA
H21 ALX Oncology Not disclosed PRECLINICAL NA NA NA
ES004 ElpiScience Not disclosed PRECLINICAL NA NA NA
AL008 Alector/Innovent IgG4 PRECLINICAL NA NA NA
ADU-1805 Aduro Biotech Humanized IgG2 PRECLINICAL NA NA NA
Abx701 Apexigen   PRECLINICAL NA NA NA
  1. NA not applicable