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Table 1 Summary of clinical trials with CD47-targeting antibodies

From: Targeting CD47/SIRPα as a therapeutic strategy, where we are and where we are headed

Antibody Company IgG subclass Indications Monotherapy or Combination Phases stage Clinical trial NO. Status
Magrolimab (Hu5F9-G4) Gilead Science (Forty-Seven) Humanized, IgG4 Solid Tumor monotherapy Phase I NCT02216409 88 participants, Completed
AML, MDS monotherapy Phase I NCT02678338 20 participants, Completed
R/R B-cell NHL Rituximab, Rituximab+Gemcitabine+Oxaliplatin Phase I/II NCT02953509 178 participants, Active, Not Recruiting
Colorectal Neoplasms Cetuximab PhaseI NCT02953782 78 participants, Completed
AML, MDS Monotherapy, Azacitidine Phase I NCT03248479 287 participants, Active Not Recruiting
NHL, DLBC Acalabrutinib and rituximab Phase I NCT03527147 30 participants, Completed
Ovarian cancer Avelumab Phase I NCT03558139 34 participants, Completed
Urothelial carcinoma Atezolizumab, Venetoclax Phase I/II NCT03869190 645 participants, Recruiting
R/R AML Atezolizumab Phase I NCT03922477 13 participants, Terminated
R/R AML Azacitidine and/or Venetoclax Phase I/II NCT04435691 98 participants, Recruiting
R/R Indolent B-cell Malignancies Obinutuzumab and Venetoclax Phase I NCT04599634 76 participants, Suspended
TP53 mutant AML Azacitidine and/or Venetoclax Phase III NCT04778397 346 particiants,Not recruiting
R/R cHL Pembrolizumab Phase II NCT04788043 24, participants, Not yet  recruiting
T cell lymphoma Mogamulizumab Phase I/II NCT04541017 18 participants, Suspended
Neuroblastoma or Relapsed Osteosarcoma Dinutuximab Phase I NCT04751383 82 participants, Recruiting
Ligufalimab (AK117) Akesobio Biopharma Humanized, IgG4 Neoplasms Malignant monotherapy Phase I NCT04349969 159 participants, Recruiting
Neoplasms Malignant monotherapy Phase I NCT04728334 162 participants, Recruiting
MDS Azacitidine Phase I/II NCT04900350 190 participants, Recruiting
AML Azacitidine Phase Ib/II NCT04980885 160 participants, Recruiting
Advanced Malignant Tumors AK112 + chemotherapy Phase Ib/II NCT05214482 160 participants, Recruiting
Locally Advanced and Metastatic TNBC AK112 ± Nab-Paclitaxel/ Paclitaxel) Phase I NCT05227664 80 participants, Not yet recruiting
Advanced Malignant Tumors AK112 ± (Caboplatin+Cisplatin+ 5-Fluorouracil) Phase Ib/II NCT05229497 114 participants, Not yet recruiting
Advanced Malignant Tumors AK104 + Oxaliplatin±Cisplatin±Paclitaxel±5-FU Phase Ib/II NCT05235542 130 participants, Not yet recruiting
Lemzoparlimab (TJC4) I-Mab BIOPARMA Human, IgG4 Solid tumors, lymphoma Pembrolizumab and Rituximab Phase I NCT03934814 116 participants, Recruiting
AML, MDS monotherapy Phase I/II NCT04202003 80 participants, Recruiting
Multiple myeloma Dexamethasone+Pomalidomide±Carfilzomib, Dexamethasone+Pomalidomide+Daratumumab Phase Ib NCT04895410 163 participants, Recruiting
AML, MDS Azacitidine±Venetoclax Phase Ib NCT04912063 80 participants, Recruiting
Advanced Solid Tumor toripalimab Phase I/II NCT05148533 96 participants, Recruiting
AO-176 Arch Oncology Humanized, IgG2 Solid Tumor Monotherapy,+Paclitaxel, Pembrolizumab Phase I/II NCT03834948 183 participants, Recruiting
R/R Multiple Myeloma Dexamethason±Bortezomib Phase I/II NCT04445701 102 participants, Recruiting
CC-90002 Celgene (Inhibrx)-BMS Humanized, IgG4 Hematologic Neoplasms monotherapy, Rituximab Phase I NCT02367196 60 participants, Completed
Leukemia, Myeloid, AMDS monotherapy Phase I NCT02641002 28 participants, Terminated
SGN-CD47M Seagen Inc. Humanized, IgG4 solid tumor monotherapy Phase I NCT03957096 16 participants, Terminated
IBI188 Innovent Biologics, Inc. Human, IgG4 Advanced Malignancies monotherapy, Rituximab Phase Ia NCT03717103 49 participants, Active, not recruiting
Advanced Malignancies monotherapy Phase I NCT03763149 20 participants, Recruiting
AML azacitidine Phase Ib NCT04485052 126 participants, Recruiting
Higher Risk MDS azacitidine Phase I NCT04485065 12 participants, Recruiting
Solid Tumors,
Lung Adenocarcinoma,
Sintilimab, Cisplatin/Carboplatin+Bevacizumab+Pemetrexed, GM-CSF Phase Ib NCT04861948 120 participants, Recruiting
MDS Azacitidine Phase Ib NCT04511975 32 participants, Suspended
SHR-1603 HENGRUI Medicine Human, IgG4 Advanced Cancer monotherapy Phase I NCT03722186 128 participants, Suspended (Business Decision)
SRF231 Surface Oncology Human IgG4 Advanced Solid Cancers, Hematologic Cancers monotherapy Phase I/Ib NCT03512340 148 participants, Completed
ZL-1201 ZAI lab Humanized,
Locally Advanced Solid Tumor monotherapy Phase I NCT04257617 66 participants, Recruiting
IMC-002 ImmuneOncia Therapeutics Human Solid Tumor, Lymphoma monotherapy Phase I NCT04306224 24 participants, Recruiting
Advanced Cancer monotherapy Phase I NCT05276310 24 participants, Not yet recruiting