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Table 1 NcRNAs as risk-classification biomarkers in NB

From: The role of ncRNAs in neuroblastoma: mechanisms, biomarkers and therapeutic targets

Biomarker Alter-ation Study sample Mechanism Risk-classification Ref
miR-29a + miR-30c + miR-95 + miR-128a + miR-128b + miR-137 + miR-138 + miR-148a + miR-195 + age + Dicer+Drosha 66 primary NB specimens Separate patients into four distinct patterns [69]
miR-487b + miR-410 Down 227 patients staged from INSS High risk [70]
hsa-miR199a-3p Up 17 NB specimens decreasing NEDD4 expression poor prognosis [67]
CAI2 Up 62 primary NB specimens Regulating P16 expression High risk [71]
FOXD3-AS1 Dataset of 88 NB cases and 64 neuroblastic tumours with GEO accession Repressing activation of CTCF favourable outcome [30]
NBAT-1 Down three low-risk and 12 high-risk tumours Activation of NRSF/REST adverse outcome [19]
SNHG7 Up 92 pairs of NB specimens and adjacent non-tumour specimens interact with miR-653-5p poor prognosis [41]
DLX6-AS1 Up 36 NB specimens interact with miR-107 advanced TNM stage [72]
lncRNA-uc003opf.1 275 patients and 531 controls decreasing LRFN2 expression decreased NB risk [73]