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Table 1 Ongoing clinical trials evaluating neoadjuvant immunotherapy in HCC

From: Liquid biopsy to identify biomarkers for immunotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma

Identifier No. Interventions Setting Candidates Primary outcome
NCT04930315 Camrelizumab + apatinib Phase 2, open label BCLC B/C, or CNLC IIa-IIIb; technically resectable 1-year tumor recurrence-free rate
NCT03630640 Nivolumab Phase 2, open label BCLC A; receiving electroporation 2-year RFS
NCT04727307 (AB-LATE02) Atezolizumab Phase 2, open label Percutaneous Radiofrequency 2-year RFS
NCT04615143 Atezolizumab; Phase 2, single arm Resectable recurrent HCC Pathological response rate
NCT04658147 Nivolumab With or Without Relatlimab Phase 1 Potentially Resectable HCC No. of patients who complete treatment and surgery
NCT03916627 Cemiplimab Phase 2 Resectable HCC Significant tumor necrosis