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Table 2 Ongoing clinical trials studying anti-IL-1β strategies, alone or in combination, for lung cancer treatment

From: Targeting interleukin-1β and inflammation in lung cancer

Therapy Target Tumor type Recruitment status Study type identifier Trial name Start date Estimated completion date
Canakinumab + pembrolizumab + chemotherapy IL-1β + PD-1 NSCLC Active, not recruiting Phase III NCT03631199 [66] CANOPY-1 December 2018 September 2022
Canakinumab + chemotherapy IL-1β NSCLC Active, not recruiting Phase III NCT03626545 [67] CANOPY-2 January 2019 March 2022
Canakinumab +/− pembrolizumab IL-1β +/− PD-1 NSCLC Recruiting Phase II NCT03968419 [68] CANOPY-N November 2019 January 2022
Canakinumab IL-1β NSCLC Recruiting Phase III NCT03447769 [69] CANOPY-A March 2018 January 2027
Canakinumab +/− PDR001 IL-1β +/− PD-1 NSCLC, TNBC, CRC Active, not recruiting Phase Ib NCT02900664 [70] August 2016 March 2021
Canakinumab + PDR001 + chemotherapy IL-1β +/− PD-1 NSCLC Active, not recruiting Phase Ib NCT03064854 [71] ElevatION:NSCLC-101 May 2017 December 2021
  1. Abbreviations: CRC colorectal cancer, IL-1β interleukin-1beta, NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer, PD-1 programmed death-1, PDR001 PD-1 inhibitor, aka spartalizumab, TNBC triple negative breast cancer