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Table 1 Representative clinical trials of macrophages-related key immunosuppressive cytokines

From: Next frontier in tumor immunotherapy: macrophage-mediated immune evasion

Target NCT number Drug name Phase Disease Patients Outcome References
IL-1 NCT01327846 Canakinumab III Lung cancer 10061 The high-dose group reduced the risk of death by 77% (compared with placebo group) [35]
IL-8 NCT02536469 BMS-986253 I Advanced solid tumors 15 Safe, well tolerated [41]
IL-8 NCT02583477 MEDI4736 II Metastatic pancreatic ductal carcinoma 23 NA -
CSF-1R NCT01525602 PLX3397 Ib Advanced solid tumors 54 Well tolerated, potential of reducing infiltration of TAMs [64]
CSF-1R NCT02371369 Pexidartinib III Tenosynovial giant cell tumour 174 Tolerable, overall response(39%) [65]
TGF-β NCT01582269 LY2157299 II Recurrent glioblastoma 158 Failed to show improved overall survival [75]
TGF-βR NCT01246986 Galunisertib II Advanced hepatocellular carcinoma 149 Improved median survival rate of responders [77]
PD-1 NCT02406781 Pembrolizumab II Sarcoma 57 The 6-month nonprogression rates were 0%, 0%, 14.3% for LMS, UPS and others respectively [78]
PD-1 NCT02038946 Nivolumab II R/R follicular lymphoma 92 ORR was 4% and median PFS was 2.2 months [79]
  1. ORR Objective response rate, PFS progression-free survival, OS overall survival, LMS leiomyosarcoma, UPS undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma, GIST gastrointestinal stromal tumor