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Table 7 Choi Criteria

From: Imaging biomarkers for evaluating tumor response: RECIST and beyond

Response Criteria
CR • Disappearance of all lesions
• No new lesions
PR • A decrease in tumor size ≥ 10 % or a decreased in tumor attenuation (Hounsfield unit) ≥ 15 % on CT
• No new lesions
• No obvious progression of non-measurable disease
PD • An increase in tumor size ≥ 10 % and does not meet criteria of PR by tumor attenuation on CT
• New lesions
• New intratumoral nodules or increase in size of the existing intratumoral nodules
SD • Does not meet criteria of CR, PR, or PD
• No symptomatic deterioration resulted from tumor progression
  1. CR complete response, PD progressive disease, PR partial response, SD stable disease