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Table 4 Response Assessment in Neuro-Oncology (RANO) Criteria

From: Imaging biomarkers for evaluating tumor response: RECIST and beyond

Criterion CR PR SD PD
T1WI with CE None ≥ 50 %↓ ˂ 50 %↓but ˂ 25 %↑ ≥ 25 %↑a
T2WI/FLAIR Stable or ↓ Stable or ↓ Stable or ↓ a
New lesion None None None Presenta
Corticosteroid None Stable or ↓ Stable or ↓ N/Ab
Clinical Status Stable or ↑ Stable or ↑ Stable or ↑ a
Response Requirement All All All Anya
  1. CE contrast enhancement, CR complete response, FLAIR fluid attenuated inversion recovery, PD progressive disease, PR partial response, SD stable disease, T1WI T1-weighted MR imaging, T2WI T2-weighted MR imaging
  2. aProgression occurs when any this criterion is present
  3. bN/A not applicable