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Table 5 Registered BTKi Trials of CNS Lymphoma on

From: Current and emerging therapies for primary central nervous system lymphoma

Trial N Recruited condition Study Intervention regimen Location
NCT03581942 45 PCNSL, r/r Ib/II dose escalation ibrutinib+copanlisib USA
NCT03770416 40 PCNSL/SCNSL, r/r II ibrutinib+nivolumab USA
NCT02315326 63 PCNSL/SCNSL, r/r I/II dose escalation ibrutinib+HD-MTX+rituximab USA
NCT02623010 30 PCNSL after CR/PR II ibrutinib in maintenance Israel
NCT03703167 40 PCNSL/SCNSL, r/r Ib dose escalation ibrutinib+lenalidomide+rituximab USA
NCT04421560 37 PCNSL, relapse Ib/II dose escalation ibrutinib+ pembrolizumab +rituximab USA
NCT04129710 120 PCNSL, r/r II, RCT ibrutinib+MRE vs lenalidomide+MRE China
NCT04066920 30 PCNSL, r/r, transplant ineligible II IBER in induction +ibrutinib in maintenance Korea
NCT02203526 52 PCNSL I TEDDi-R+isavuconazole USA
NCT03964090 32 SCNSL II TEDDi-R+isavuconazole USA
NCT04446962 128 PCNSL, ND Ib/II, randomized dose escalation R-MVP+ibrutinib vs R-MVP+lenalidomide France
NCT04462328 21 PCNSL/SCNSL I dose escalation acalabritinb+durvalumab USA
NCT04438044 39 PCNSL/SCNSL, r/r II orelabrutinib China
  1. Abbreviations: BTKi bruton tyrosine kinase inhibitor;CNS central nervous system; CR complete remission; DA-TEDDi-R etoposide, temozolomide, liposomal doxorubicin, dexamethasone, intrathecal cytarabine; HD-MTX high dose methotrexate; IBER ibrutinib, rituximab, ifosfamide and etoposide; MRE methotrexate, rituximab, and etoposide; ND newly diagnosed; PCNSL primary central nervous system lymphoma; PR partial remission; RCT randomized control trial; R-MVP rituximab, methotrexate, procarbazine and vincristine; r/r refractory/relapse; SCNSL secondary central nervous system lymphoma; TEDDi-R temozolomide, etoposide, doxil, dexamethasone, ibrutinib and rituximab