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Table 3 Agents targeting cell metabolism for cancer treatment

From: Metabolic reprogramming in macrophage responses

Agent(s) Target(s) Effect(s) Stage of development Study number(s)
CB-1158 Arginase 1 Inhibits Arginase Phase I/II NCT02903914
Phase I NCT03910530
Phase I/II NCT03314935
Phase I/II NCT03837509
Phase I/II NCT03361228
2DG Hexokinase Inhibits glycolysis Phase I(completed) NCT00096707
3PO/PFK15 PFKFB3 Inhibits glycolysis Preclinical(97-100)  
Shikonin PKM2 Inhibits PKM2 Preclinical(103-105)  
DCA PDK1 Inhibits PDK Phase II NCT01386632
Phase I NCT01111097
Phase II NCT00540176
GKT137831 NOX4 Inhibits NOX4 Phase II NCT03226067
CB839 GLS Inhibits glutamine metabolism Phase I/II NCT03875313
Phase I/II NCT02861300
Phase II NCT03163667
Others Others
PX-478 HIF-1α Inhibits HIF-1α Phase I NCT00522652
EZN-2968 HIF-1α Inhibits HIF-1α Phase I NCT01120288
Temsirolimus/ Everolimus mTOR Inhibits mTOR FDA approved >100
Ridaforolimus mTOR Inhibits mTOR Phase II NCT00086125
Phase II NCT00122343
Phase II NCT00739830
Phase III NCT00538239
Phase II NCT00093080
Perifosine AKT Inhibits AKT Phase I NCT02238496