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Table 1 Seven lncRNAs significantly associated with the disease free survival in the training group patients (N = 279)

From: LncRNA profile study reveals a seven-lncRNA signature predicts the prognosis of patients with colorectal cancer

Ensembl IDGene symbolPermutation P valuea,bHazard ratioaCoefficientaDiseasesc
ENSG00000261780CTD-2354A18.11.00E-075.7431.75Pathogenesis of gastric cancer,
Overall survival of colorectal cancer
ENSG00000237187NR2F1-AS11.00E-074.4511.49Multiple cancer
Osteogenesis of adipose stem cells,
Progression of multiple cancer
ENSG00000288302AL132709.81.00E-071.9510.67Ovarian cancer
  1. Abbreviations: NA Not Available
  2. a Derived from the univariable Cox proportional hazards regression analysis in the 279 training group patients
  3. b Obtained from permutation test repeated 10,000 times
  4. c Detailed in discussion section