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Table 1 List of drugs undergoing clinical trials in MPN

From: Targeted therapies for myeloproliferative neoplasms

NCT Number Drugs Target Phase Status
NCT03895112 AVID200 TGF-β1 and TGF-β3 Phase 1 Recruiting
NCT03566446 CALRLong 36 peptide CALR Phase 1 Active, not recruiting
NCT03144687 Itacitinib, Ruxolitinib JAK Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT03075826 SGI-110 DNMT Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT03065400 Pembrolizumab PD-1 Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT02718300 Parsaclisib, Ruxolitinib PI3Kδ, JAK Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT02493530 TGR-1202, Ruxolitinib PI3Kδ, JAK Phase 1 Recruiting
NCT02407080 RG7388, Pegasys MDM2 Phase 1 Active, not recruiting
NCT02268253 SL-401 CD123 Phase1/2 Recruiting
NCT02257138 Decitabine, Ruxolitinib Phosphate DNMT, JAK Phase 1/2 Recruiting
NCT01761968 Givinostat HDAC Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT01633372 Itacitinib JAK1 Phase 2 Active, not recruiting
NCT01594723 LY2784544 JAK Phase 2 Active, not recruiting
NCT01393509 PU-H71 Hsp90 Phase 1 Active, not recruiting