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Fig. 3

From: Longitudinal study of leukocyte DNA methylation and biomarkers for cancer risk in older adults

Fig. 3

Longitudinal rate of change in CpG methylation. The line plots (left) show the individual DNA methylation β-values from baseline to Year 6 for CpGs in (a) REC8 (cg07516252), (b) RPTOR (cg08129331), and (c) ZSWIM5 (cg04429789). Red lines identify individuals who received a cancer diagnosis, and black lines identify those who remained cancer-free. Longitudinal changes in DNA methylation were calculated as deltaβ = Year 6 – baseline, and the correlations between deltaβ and years to cancer diagnosis are shown for the respective CpGs (right). Higher magnitude of change is seen in individuals closer to clinical diagnosis

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