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Fig. 1

From: Longitudinal study of leukocyte DNA methylation and biomarkers for cancer risk in older adults

Fig. 1

Longitudinal plots for DNA methylation-based estimates. The line plots (left) show the individual trajectory over time and the box plots (right) show the data averaged by visit year (baseline = 1, and Year 6) in cancer-free (no) or cancer-present (yes) groups. a Estimated proportions of CD8+ T-cells show a significant decline over time (baseline vs Year 6, solid line above boxplots) and are lower in the cancer-present group relative to the cancer-free group at Year 6 (cancer-free vs cancer-present, dashed line above boxplots). b Granulocyte proportions generally increase over time and are higher in the cancer-present group by Year 6. c The first principal component (PC1) computed from genome-wide methylation shows significant change over time as well as significant cross-sectional difference between the cancer-free and cancer-present groups by Year 6. In the line plots, red lines identify individuals who received a cancer diagnosis, and black lines identify those who remained cancer-free. Significance codes are *p-value < 0.05, **p-value < 0.01

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