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Table 1 Pathway enrichment for differentially expressed genes in adenoma vs normal mucosa

From: Reduced nuclear DNA methylation and mitochondrial transcript changes in adenomas do not associate with mtDNA methylation

Enriched Gene Ontology Biological Process category Number of genes altered in pathway P value Benjamini corrected enrichment (P)
Downregulated in adenoma
ATP hydrolysis coupled proton transport 13 1.50E-05 3.50E-02
Ion transmembrane transport 39 4.90E-05 5.40E-02
Tricarboxylic acid cycle 9 4.00E-03 4.40E-01
Upregulated in adenoma
Translational initiation 54 2.20E-28 7.80E-25
rRNA processing 67 2.80E-28 4.80E-25
Transcription, DNA-templated 204 3.60E-13 1.80E-10
Ribosome biogenesis 10 3.30E-04 5.00E-02
Multicellular organism growth 15 4.80E-04 6.70E-02