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Table 2 Clinical studies involving EZH2 inhibitors in haematological neoplasms

From: EZH2 as a therapeutic target for multiple myeloma and other haematological malignancies

Conditions EZH2 inhibitor Other drugs Phase Trial information
B-NHL, solid advanced tumors Tazemetostat (oral versus IV) N/A 1 Recruiting (NCT03010982)
B-NHL and advanced solid tumors Tazemetostat Fluconazole, Omeprazole, Repaglinide 1 Active, not recruiting (NCT03028103)
Advanced B-NHL or solid tumors with liver dysfunction Tazemetostat N/A 1 Suspended (External information) (NCT03217253)
Relapsed/refractory DLBCL Tazemetostat Atezolizumab 1 Active, not recruiting (NCT02220842)
B-NHL, advanced solid tumors Tazemetostat Alone or combined with prednisolone 1/2 Recruiting; preliminary results for phase 1 [39] (NCT01897571)
RR FL and DLBCL with or without EZH2 mutation Tazemetostat N/A 2 Ongoing; interim results available [40, 41]
RR B-NHL with confirmed EZH2 mutation Tazemetostat N/A 2 Not yet recruiting (NCT03456726)
Paediatric patients with NHL, histiocytic disorder or solid tumor with EZH2, SMARCB1 or SMARCA4 mutation Tazemetostat N/A 2 Suspended (External information) (NCT03213665)
Patients previously enrolled in Tazemetostat trials Tazemetostat Depends on previous trial regimen 2 Recruiting (NCT02875548)
FL, DLBCL, resistant prostate cancer, RR small cell lung carcinoma PF-06821497 N/A 1 Recruiting (NCT03460977)
B-cell lymphomas CPI-1205 N/A 1 Active, not recruiting (NCT02395601)
Advanced DLBCL and other malignancies MAK683 N/A 1/2 Recruiting (NCT02900651)