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Fig. 7

From: Overexpression and cytoplasmic localization of caspase-6 is associated with lamin A degradation in set of ovarian cancers

Fig. 7

Immunofluorescence showing activated caspase-6 (p20) and lamin A expression in OVCAR5 cell line. (a) OVCAR5 stained with antibody against lamin A (red), and caspase-6 (p20) (b). Nuclear counter was stained with Dapi (c) and merged image of lamin A, caspase-6 (p20) and Dapi are shown in (d). The loss of lamin A is associated with the presence of caspase-6 in the cytoplasm as indicated by white arrows (a-d). Pictures were taken with 100× oil objective on ZEISS microscope

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