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Fig. 2

From: Dysregulated transcriptional networks in KMT2A- and MLLT10-rearranged T-ALL

Fig. 2

KMT2A-R and MLLT10-R T-ALL show dysregulation in multiple cell signaling pathways critical for leukemia development and progression. a Negatively correlated gene sets in KMT2A-R T-ALL (intracellular transport). Green line shows the enrichment score based on hits of genes (indicated by the bars on the abscissa) in the ordered list of differentially regulated genes resulting from the comparison of KMT2A-R positive samples and Other T-ALL patient samples. Red/blue bar area beneath the black bars indicates degree of association with a specific phenotype. b KMT2A-R and MLLT10-R are negatively enriched in genes involved in alternative splicing compared to the Others. c Example of positively enriched gene sets containing genes upregulated in both KMT2A-R and MLLT10-R samples compared to the Others. d Positively correlated gene sets in MLLT10-R vs. KMT2A-R. Gene sets containing genes upregulated in MLLT10-R positive samples compared to KMT2A-R samples (distinct tyrosine kinase signaling pathways). NES, Normalized Enrichement Score; FDR, False Discovery Rate

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