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Fig. 1

From: Chemerin is elevated in multiple myeloma patients and is expressed by stromal cells and pre-adipocytes

Fig. 1

a Serum levels of chemerin measured by ELISA (R&D Duoset) in 122 patients, and 58 healthy age and gender-matched controls. b Chemerin levels based on ISS stage. c Blood- and bone marrow plasma levels of chemerin in myeloma patients obtained from our biobank (n = 10). d PCR analysis of chemerin (RARRES2) expression by myeloma-derived stromal cells (n = 15), primary myeloma cells (n = 24) and myeloma cell lines (n = 9). e Healthy bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cell donors differentiated towards adipocytes (n = 3 donors) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Conditioned cell culture media were harvested at every medium change. Chemerin levels in the conditioned media were measured by ELISA (R&D Duoset). Error bars = SEM f Expression of chemerin (RARRES2), CCRL2 and CMKLR1 in malignant plasma cells from 673 myeloma patients available in the CoMMpass database, release IA9. Red bars indicate mean in a, b, d and f

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