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Table 1 Individual Patient demographics, clinical characteristics and allergen challenge information

From: PI3K, p38 and JAK/STAT signalling in bronchial tissue from patients with asthma following allergen challenge

Number of patients 11
Age 45.5 (7.2)
Gender Male 9 Female 2
Baseline FEV1 (% predicted) 101.5 (12.3)
Baseline FeNO (ppb) 34.5 (20.6)
ACQ score 1.2 (0.6)
Methacholine PC20 2.7 (2.2)
Allergen selected for challenge HDM 9 CAT 2
Cumulative Allergen Concentration Administered (SQU/mL) 22,366.5 (27,672.3)
Maximum % fall in FEV1 during EAR 29.2 (3.9)
  1. Results shown as mean (sd)
  2. Abbreviations: FEV1 forced expiratory volume in 1 s, FeNO forced exhaled nitric oxide, ppb parts per billion, ACQ asthma control questionnaire, PC20 provocation concentration, HDM house dust mite, EAR early asthmatic response