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Fig. 1

From: PI3K, p38 and JAK/STAT signalling in bronchial tissue from patients with asthma following allergen challenge

Fig. 1

Inflammatory cell counts in sub-epithelial bronchial tissue at baseline and post-allergen (n = 11). Bronchial biopsies were collected from 11 asthma patients at baseline and 6 h post allergen challenge, with CD4, CD8 and neutrophil numbers being assessed by immunohistochemistry and eosinophils with Luna staining. Data presented as mean (sd). Comparisons between Baseline and Post-allergen by paired T-test. Images of staining are at × 200 magnification; Black bars represent 100 μm. Magnified images and red arrows illustrate positive staining. Negative control images represent isotype controls results for CD4, CD8 and neutrophil elastase, and non-Luna staining for eosinophils

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