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Fig. 3

From: Diagnosis of GATA2 haplo-insufficiency in a young woman prompted by pancytopenia with deficiencies of B-cell and dendritic cell development

Fig. 3

Flow cytometry of bone marrow and blood showed reduced percentages of B-cells with normal frequencies of T-cells. Top row of panels: bone marrow; middle and bottom row of panels: blood. Left panels: blood and bone marrow samples from patient. Right panels: blood and bone marrow samples from a control patient, 5 years status post an allogeneic bone marrow transplant with normal levels of blood lymphocytes and no graft-versus-host disease. Flow plots show antibodies used for staining leukocytes on the x and y axes; percentages listed in the right upper quadrant of each plot show percentage of leukocytes that were CD19+ B-cells (top two rows) or CD3+ T-cells (bottom row)

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