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Table 1 Predicted effects of −51 mutation in intron 8

From: Clinical significance of intronic variants in BRAF inhibitor resistant melanomas with altered BRAF transcript splicing

  Branch Site Donor Splice SRSF6
  Position/Site/Score Position/Site/Score Sequence/Site/Score
Wild Type -51/CTCTGAT/88 -54/ACTctcgat/40 -134/TGTGTA/84
Mutant -51/GTCTGAT/86 -138/ACTgtctga/67 -134/TGTGTA/84
  1. Data derived using the Human Splice Finder Tool [12]
  2. Branch Site score above 67 is considered a potential break point, and score variation between wild type and mutant sequence of less than −10% is considered to break the branch point
  3. Splice Site values above 65 are predicted splice sites, the −51 G mutation is underlined in Cryptic Donor Site
  4. Splicing factor SRSF6 motif with highest predicted scores is shown [12]
  5. Motif position is relative to first nucleotide of exon 9