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Table 1 Somatic tumor gene alterations within each tumor

From: A case report of concurrent embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in an adult without identifiable cancer predisposition

Tumor Somatic Tumor Gene Alterations
Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Left Thigh 1. NF1 (NM_001042492) exon26 p.G1128fs (c.3382_3383delGG)
Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma of the Anterior Mediastinum 1. ATM (NM_000051) exon58 p.S2860del (c.8578_8580delTCT)
2. B2M (NM_004048) exon1 p.L15fs (c.43_44delCT)
3. FAT1 (NM_005245) exon25 p.T4225M (c.12674C > T)
4. HGF (NM_000601) exon17 p.G660W (c.1978G > T)
5. MYCN (NM_005378) exon3 p.R393H (c.1178G > A)
6. PIM1 (NM_002648) exon4 p.L143M (c.427C > A)
7. SOCS1 (NM_003745) exon2 p.H87fs (c.258_268delGCACGGGGCGC)
8. SOCS1 (NM_003745) exon2 p.R92G (c.274C > G)
9. SOCS1 (NM_003745) exon2 p.S143N (c.428G > A)
10. SOCS1 (NM_003745) exon2 p.A184T (c.550G > A)
11. SOX317 (NM_022454) exon1 p.P49L (c.146C > T)