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Table 1 Summary of the CD34 or CD38 related cell subsets corresponding with B-ALL prognosis

From: CD34 and CD38 are prognostic biomarkers for acute B lymphoblastic leukemia

Cell Subset Prognosis Reference
CD34 + positive/negative CD34 expression is favorable and significant prognosis in childhood B-lineage ALL (age 1 to 10 years). [26]
CD34 mostly expressed in poor risk adult B-ALLs patients, characterized with higher WBC cell count, and higher percentage of peripheral blood leukemic cells [27]
CD38 + positive Ph + ALL showed lower CD38 expression than Ph- groups. Overall survival favored ALL patients with higher CD38 levels [26]
CD34 + CD38− cells negative A high proportion of CD34+/CD38- cells is associated with clinical and biological features and a poor prognosis of childhood ALL. [25]
CD10 + CD19 + CD34+ positive With CD10 + CD19’CD34+ immature B-progenitor subset, pediatric B-lineage ALL patients may have favorable characteristics to achieve favorable EFS outcomes. [24]