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Table 5 The two sets of miRNAs detected by Left: differential correlation analysis and Right: t-test

From: Plasma microRNA biomarker detection for mild cognitive impairment using differential correlation analysis

Differential correlation t-test
20 miRNAs 22 miRNAs
A: hsa-miR-191 L: hsa-miR-20a hsa-miR-151-3p hsa-miR-15b
B: hsa-miR-590-5p M: hsa-miR-106a hsa-miR-126* hsa-let-7d*
C: hsa-miR-125b N: hsa-miR-101 hsa-miR-23a hsa-miR-197
D: hsa-miR-18a O: hsa-miR-24 hsa-miR-27b hsa-miR-30b
E: hsa-miR-140-3p P: hsa-miR-222 hsa-miR-146a hsa-miR-185
F: hsa-miR-103 Q: hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-30c hsa-miR-191
G: hsa-miR-19b R: hsa-miR-223 hsa-miR-151-5p hsa-miR-26b
H: hsa-miR-192 S: hsa-let-7b hsa-miR-23b hsa-miR-223
I: hsa-miR-197 T: hsa-miR-484 hsa-miR-92a hsa-miR-26a
J: hsa-miR-152    hsa-miR-24 hsa-miR-16
K: hsa-miR-320a    hsa-miR-144 hsa-let-7f
  1. Bold: top five miRNAs in each analysis
  2. Underline: same miRNAs in left and right sides
  3. The alphabets in the left side are utilized in Fig. 2