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Fig. 4

From: The CXCR4 antagonist plerixafor enhances the effect of rituximab in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cell lines

Fig. 4

Median CXCR4 fluorescence intensity was significantly decreased following plerixafor exposure. The diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) cell lines RIVA (a) and FARAGE (b) were exposed to the anti-CD20 antibody rituximab (10 μg/mL) and/or the CXCR4 antagonist plerixafor (500 μM) for 48 h, after which CXCR4 fluorescence intensity was determined by flow cytometry. Horizontal lines represent the mean of three independent experiments, and each geometric symbol represents a technical replicate. Statistical significance between groups was determined using a two-level linear mixed effects model. ***p < 0.001; n.s., no significant difference; MFI, median fluorescence intensity; RTX, rituximab; PLX, plerixafor

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