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Fig. 3

From: Identification of functional metabolic biomarkers from lung cancer patient serum using PEP technology

Fig. 3

Time-dependent Measurement of Hexokinase Activity from the PEP Platform. After elution of proteins from the 2-D gel into the 384-well PEP plate, the eluted proteins were further transferred into a 384-well Master Plate with 50 μl refolding solution. 25 μl of the solution from the Master Plate was further transferred into a 384-well Enzyme Assay plate, 25 μl of hexokinase assay components were was added to each well, the increase of OD 340 nm by NADP reduction was measured in a spectrophotometer, the OD readings were taken at 0, 60 min. and 120 min., the OD340 nm increase from 60 min. and 120 min. was calculated by subtracting the value from the 0 min. reading. Top panel: ΔOD after 60 min incubation.  Bottom panel: ΔOD after 120 min incubation

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