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Fig. 3

From: c-MYB is a transcriptional regulator of ESPL1/Separase in BCR-ABL-positive chronic myeloid leukemia

Fig. 3

Separase expression after c-MYB silencing by RNAi in BV-173 and LAMA-84 cells. BV-173 (panel a) and LAMA-84 cells (panel b) were treated with negative control siRNA (nc) and c-MYB-specific siRNA (siRNA). C-MYB transcript levels are measured by qRT-PCR (left column). The house-keeping gene Gus (beta-glucuronidase) served as internal standard. C-MYB and Separase regulation on protein levels were determined by quantitative Western blot immunostaining experiments 48 h post transfection (middle and right columns, respectively). Corresponding representative Western blot images are shown in the very right panels of A and B. Actin served as loading control for Western blot immunostaining. All densitometric data are derived from at least triplicate experiments

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