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Fig. 1

From: c-MYB is a transcriptional regulator of ESPL1/Separase in BCR-ABL-positive chronic myeloid leukemia

Fig. 1

Analysis of c-MYB and ESPL1 transcript levels, c-MYB and Separase protein levels in LAMA-84 (a), K562 (b) and BCR-ABL-negative control cells (U937) (c) upon IM treatment. Treatment (dose, period) was performed as noted in Table 1. Level changes (Δ-values in %) are shown as calculated from comparison with the corresponding untreated cells. Upper panel. Transcript levels were analyzed by qRT-PCR, protein levels by Western blot immunostaining densitometry. Representative Western blot images are shown in the lower panel. In all qRT-PCR experiments the housekeeping gene Gus (beta-glucuronidase) served as internal standard. For Western blot immunostaining experiments Actin was used as loading control and reference parameter. Densitometric data are derived from at least triplicate experiments and are denoted in Table 1. P-values are given above the respective column. Abbreviations: ns, not significant; nd, not determined

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