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Table 1 Summary of characteristics of patients with B-ALL

From: A panel of glycoproteins as candidate biomarkers for early diagnosis and treatment evaluation of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Code Assigned Gender Age at Diagnosis FAB Classification Immunophenotypical Classification Karyotype Risk Group MRD Treatment Outcome
P1 M 3 L1 Common Absence of metaphases LR _ CR
P2 F 3 L1 Pre-B Absence of metaphases LR _ CR
P3 F 5 L1 Common 56,XX,+X,+4,+6,+8,+10,+11,+14,+17,+21,+mar/46,XX LR _ CR
P4 M 2 L1 Common 46,XY LR _ CR
P5 F 2 L1 Common 46,XX LR _ CR
P6 F 3 L1 Common 54,XX,+X,+6,+15,+15,+17,+18,+21,+21/46,XX LR _ CR
P7 F 5 L1 Common 47,XY,+21 c LR _ CR
P8 M 6 L1 Common Absence of metaphases LR _ CR
P9 F 5 L1 Pre-B 46, XX LR _ CR
P10 M 3 L1 Pre-B 46,XY LR _ CR
  1. Code: Internal register assigned for the study; M Male, F Female, LR Low Risk, MRD Minimum Residual Disease, CR Complete remission