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Table 2 Summary of reports of t(7;12) leukaemias with treatments and clinical outcome

From: Paediatric acute myeloid leukaemia with the t(7;12)(q36;p13) rearrangement: a review of the biological and clinical management aspects

Reference Study group No. of patients CNS status Treatment/Course/Outcome
[15] DCLSG/POG 10 5 Treatment N/S
6 died of leukemia
1 died of leukemia and infection
1 died of infection
1 died of treatment related toxicity
1 alive, 22 months after BMT in CR1
[13] CCG 2 2 1 relapsed in bone marrow with bilateral chloromas on the hips. Treated with radiation and BMT, but later died due to disease
1 relapsed twice, treated with BMT, alive after 2 years
[6] DCOG 6 N/S Treatment N/S
Median EFS: 9 months
3-year EFS: 0 %
3-year OS: 0 %
[19] Japan 1 N/S Alive after 5 years, treated with chemotherapy only
[16] Korea 3 N/S 1 received cord blood transplantation at 11 months, relapsed 4 months later, then died at 16 months
1 died during induction chemotherapy from multiple organ failure
1 achieved remission, but relapsed at 10 months, and died at 16 months
[56] COG 8 N/S Treatment N/S
3-year EFS: 14 %
3-year OS: 28 %
2 of 7 evaluable patients are alive (1 after chemotherapy, 1 after BMT) (personal communication)
  1. Notes: DCLSG Dutch Childhood Leukemia Study Group; POG Pediatric Oncology Group; CCG Children’s Cancer Group; COG Children Oncology Group; DCOG Dutch Childhood Oncology Group; N/S not specified; BMT bone marrow transplantation; CR1 first complete remission; EFS event-free survival; OS overall survival