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Table 2 Etiologies of chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction

From: The great masquerader of malignancy: chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction

Etiology Underlying disorders Mechanisms
Degenerative neuropathy Shy-Drager syndrome Altered Ca signaling
Diabetes mellitus Mitochondrial dysfunction
Parkinson’s disease
Immune mediated Scleroderma Antibody mediated neuron or smooth muscle involvement
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Paraneoplastic Small cell lung cancer Antibody mediated inflammatory response and cellular infiltration
Carcinoid tumor
Infectious Chagas disease Inflammatory change of the enteric nerve system
Chronic JC virus infection
Radiation or chemotherapy induced Post radiation or chemotherapy Associated with treatments
Genetic Hirschsprung disease Associated with genetic abnormality of SOX10
Mitochondrial encephalopathy with lactic acidosis and stroke like episodes (MELAS) DNA polymerase γ
Filamin A
Myoclonus epilepsy associated with ragged red fibers (MERRF) L1 cell adhesion molecule
Thymidine phosphorylase
RNA binding protein for multiple splicing 2 (RBPMS2)